communications strategy

Paul Vallely will help you think strategically about how to communicate your message and help your staff improve the way you present your work to the outside world.

Communications audit

He will analyse and evaluate the expertise that exists within your organisation, identify key themes and messages and draw up a plan to present all this in the most attractive way. His comprehensive communication audit will determine the effectiveness of your current communications channels, methods and messages and suggest improvements. From a professional and unbiased viewpoint he will also address the ethical challenges which arise from your work.

Strategic planning

Most recently he devised a communications strategy for the Brooks World Poverty Institute at Manchester University he has been a media adviser to the aid agencies Christian Aid and Cafod and worked with the Trustees of Band Aid. He has also provided strategic communications advice to churches, charities, business and the Government for all of which he has written major reports.

Opinion-formers and policy makers

Paul Vallely’s advice goes beyond targeted strategies to generate improved  media coverage, nationally and internationally. His wide experience navigating the intersection of press, politics, policy and public opinion enables him to advise on how to frame debate in broader society, change public perceptions and influence government policies. He has trusted relationships with senior politicians and policymakers, editors and media opinion-formers, religious leaders and senior figures in think-tanks, aid agencies, activist groups and academia.  All of these enable him to advise on communications in its widest sense.

Social Media

He can advise on which new forms of digital media in our fast-changing clamorous world of social networking, blogging, podcasting and citizen journalism can most effectively be aligned to communicating your work.

Paul Vallely will help you interact more effectively to improve the impact and uptake of your work. He can show you how to put compelling messages in front of critical audiences, enhancing your reputation and inspiring your staff as they see the impact of their work upon the wider world.

 Justin Forsyth, Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF, says:

“Paul Vallely has been at the centre of all the great campaigns of the last few decades to end poverty and injustice from Jubilee 2000 to Make Poverty History – as a journalist, strategist and campaigner. He combines a rare writing talent with a strategic mind and political instinct for how to make change happen.” is registered at Companies House as Paul Vallely Consulting Ltd.
Registered number 08424620. Registered address Sterling House, 501 Middleton Road, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 9LY