How to Talk to the Media

Paul Vallely will draw on his expertise on national newspapers for more than two decades – and as an expert commentator on television and radio – to advise you on how to handle challenging questions from the media. He also drafts Comment articles and speeches for senior public figures.

Paul Vallely will draw on his expertise as an expert commentator on television and radio to advice you on how to handle challenging questions from the media. He has written and edited at The Independent, Times, Sunday Times, Telegraph and Guardian, the Church Times, the Tablet and Third Way. He has produced award-winning reports from more than 30 countries in the developing world. He has appeared on BBC1 Breakfast, The Today programme, Radio 5 Live and international tv and radio stations.  He has been a programme maker for BBC World Service and has been a panellist on Radio 4’s Moral Maze.

Paul Vallely can also advance-check speeches, sermons, press releases and other public announcements and advise on how the media are likely to respond to them. He also drafts comment articles and speeches for senior public figures (client list is confidential).


How to put your case across:


How to handle a hostile interviewer:

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